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Dirk Shumaker
Dirk Shumaker   As the string bass player for the band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Dirk Shumaker shows us another side of his musical talents with the release of a collection of songs for children titled "Everybody's Gotta Have A Place".

Dirk has been performing and recording with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for more than 10 years, selling over a million CD's of their original "swing inspired" dance music. Throughout their career, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has performed in hundreds of popular venues, participated in the 1999 NFL Super Bowl Half Time Show and received tremendous notoriety in the 1997 Miramax film, "Swingers" where the band was featured as themselves. The success of that film and the ensuing "swing movement" has continued to follow the band as devoted fans pack venues throughout the US and Europe. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's third CD "Save My Soul" was released in August 2003.

While Dirk is not on the road or in the studio with the band, he can be found spending time with his family in Southern California and working on his own singing, song writing and recording projects. Dirk's love for his children and children of the world inspired the theme of "Everybody's Gotta Have A Place" including the title song which embraces the ideal that people need to share the earth and it's resources with our animal friends.

As Dirk becomes synonymous with the stand-up bass, an instrument he's been playing since 1990, endorsements have followed including bass amplifier manufacturer SWR Sound and bass string manufacturer The J. D'Addario Company.

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